Our Story

As a man who is apparently hard to buy presents for, I tend to receive an array of new whiskies to try for birthdays and Christmas. It’s by no means a bad thing, but it’s my own personal version of getting socks for Dad. If socks were a beautiful and delicious amber liquid, that is...

Since most of the whiskeys were expensive gifts from loved ones, many of the bottles were just too handsome and meant too much to simply throw in the bin. So, they were inevitably kept on the “I’ll do something with these one day” shelf doing a fantastic job of collecting dust.

After Sarah and I moved into a converted barn on a farm in Mid-Devon, just outside of Tiverton, we didn’t buy a TV or set up internet for months. Without these distractions eating up our spare time we turned to making “things” out of the farmyard scrap (with the farmers permission) to keep us occupied. We’ve always been creative people and loved making things, but it turns out we just needed to dedicate some time to the hobby to spark a real passion. From tractor tyre rim tables, pallet wood planters, random engine part lamps to scaffold benches, we found ourselves having an insane amount of fun making the ugly and unwanted into the useful and beautiful again. The more random the object, the more interesting the challenge.

Eventually the day arrived where I was going to do something with the stash of whiskey bottles I had tucked away. After a little head-scratching and Pinterest inspiration I finally decided to make them into all sorts of bits and bobs, from candles, to planters, drinking glasses and lamps, to name a few.

Word started getting around about my new bottle-based projects and friends and family began requesting their own “special bottles” to be made into things. What started out as a hobby soon escalated, and after applying to a few local craft shows “Adhock Homeware” was born.

So here we are, a couple of years later and making “stuff” is still just as exciting for us. Candles and lamps upcycled from alcohol bottles are our staple for now, but we’re never short of ideas so stay tuned for plenty of awesome new stuff coming soon!

In the meantime, if there’s something in particular you would like to be upcycled, feel free to shoot us a message via our Contact Us page or one of our social media channels “@adhockhomeware”.

Until next time, cheers all!

Nick and Sarah