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Need a gin-credible gift for the Gin Lover in your life? Or a 'neat' present for a Whiskey Fan? Narrow down your search by checking out our full range of products by category below!


Amazing service from this company, and super fast delivery! Would definitely order from them again!

Holly - Whitley Neill Gin Candle

I loved the first one so much I ordered a second! High quality item.

Frances - Brockmans Candle

Smells insane even when it's not lit! Great quick service! LOVE IT!!!

Naomi - Hendricks Candle


Have a wedding or momentous occasion coming up? Want something a little different to wow your guests? Our professionally finished upcycled products are full to the brim with a unique rustic charm that’ll be sure to turn heads. Afterwards, why not convert a special something-something from the day to live on in your home and remind you of the happy occasion?

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Keep your eyes peeled for our new range of upcycled bottle drinking glasses hitting the shelves soon!