Bespoke Commissions & Custom Orders

If you would like us to upcycle a particular bottle/ can for you, or perhaps you have one with special sentimental meaning, chances are we can make it happen!

Find out all about the process and how easy it is to arrange a custom-order below...

Simply use the link below to tell us which particular bottle or can you would like, and what you would love for it become (candle/ lamp/ drinking glass/ whatever!). We'll then get back to you ASAP with a quote and to let you know if it's possible. 


If you already have a specific can/ bottle you would like us to work on, then feel free to drop it off to our Plymouth HQ if you're local, or if you’re further afield then it would need to be posted to us. Either way, our address is:

Unit 42-43, Faraday Mill, Plymouth, UK. PL40ST.

Conversely, we can always make life easy and source the bottle for you. If we don't have one stashed in the workshop already, then you can rest assured the next one we come across will be reserved especially for you.

Please note: our weekly can & bottle deliveries are completely random, therefore we cannot predict exactly when we would next have a particular can/bottle available. Depending on the type and rarity it could be tomorrow, a couple of weeks, or possibly even a few months or more.

Once your desired bottle/ can has been received or sourced, we’ll then work our magic and let you know when it’s ready to be shipped back. We aim to have all commissions finished and shipped out within 4 weeks, although during busy periods it may take a bit longer – we'll keep you posted if that happens to be the case.

Why not, you deserve it. Cheers. 🥂

So there you go, easy peasy.
Have any more questions or the perfect gift idea in mind already?
Use the form below to shoot us a message and lets get the ball rolling!

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