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Thai Lime & Mango Wine Bottle Candle

Thai Lime & Mango Wine Bottle Candle

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Eco-friendly and unique, our expertly handcrafted candles are upcycled from original wine bottles and not only makes a stunning gift, but by reusing post-consumer waste also makes an active difference to our planet.

The bottles are cut and polished to ensure a smooth and safe edge, whilst the premium slow-burn and sustainably-sourced soy wax has been hand poured in small batches to provide you with the highest quality artisan candle.

Vegan friendly, sustainably sourced ingredients, cruelty free, 100% recycled/ recyclable/ biodegradable packaging.

A tropical and fruity fragrance with mouth-watering lime, mango, lemon and passion fruit, enhanced by a heart of peach and resting on a base of musky dried fruits.

Top notes: lime, mango, lemon, passionfruit, pineapple.

Middle notes: peach.

Base notes: musk, dried fruits.

Size: ~250g

Burn time: ~50 hours

♻️ Eco-conscious Materials 

  • VESSEL - Upcycled bottle: using post-consumer waste significantly reduces this candles carbon footprint than if it was recycled via conventional methods. Even more so compared to a "standard" candle vessel that's been manufactured from scratch using virgin resources.
  • WAX - Sustainably sourced soy wax: a natural, vegan friendly, biodegradable and renewable wax derived from soy beans.
  • WICK - Natural cotton-fibre wicks: reduce sooting and promote a cleaner burn with their unrivalled wax-absorption properties.
  • FRAGRANCE - All of our carefully chosen fragrances are guaranteed to be vegan friendly

    🌳 1 Order = 1 More Tree

    • Your support has a tangible effect in the fight against climate change, as every order you make helps fund environmental projects around the globe. Together, we're making a world of difference.

    As the bottles used to make this candle are recycled they may have some character building imperfections from their previous life, but all are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. We will never ship an item that doesn't meet our rigorous high standards.

    This product is not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by the original manufacturer and/or trademark owner, but we hope they appreciate it living on in a loving home for years to come. Please also note the product pictured is a stock image may not be the actual one you receive.

    Never leave candles unattended and keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch to prevent smoking and soot build up. Only burn on a level, heat resistant surface and keep away from from children, pets or anything that could catch fire. On the first burn ensure the melt pool reaches the edges of the candle; this helps prevent tunnelling around the wick.
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